Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Started a writing exercise with my friend Jonathan Navales.
We have similar writing styles and I thought it would get interesting.

Here's the first topic: Write about a character's moment before death. First person.

There’s a ringing in your ears and a light in your eyes. You can’t describe it exactly, cause it’s all too much at the same time. It’s disorienting. It’s the teacups ride at Disneyland. It’s colors and blurs and a knot in your stomach. 
I want to tell you it’s a profound, “oh, this is what it’s all about,” moment. But it’s really not. It’s equal parts you mad, sad, and scared. It’s equal parts of you mad that it happened so quickly, sad that you’ll never get to finish whatever it is you started, and scared that you’ll never get to _____ ever again. Stir with a bit a salt and serve immediately.
it's not a serene feeling. 
no, despite what these authors write and what hollywood portrays, serenity has failed to engulf me like a wave and i am not drowning in it. there is nothing peaceful about this, nothing pleasant. in fact, it's a whole lot of nauseating regret. it's enough to move me to tears but the anger counteracts the sadness, almost as if i took poison and its antidote all at once. i regret the moments i refused to live, the relationships i refused to patch, and the dreams i left behind. i am angry that i am even feeling regret, angry that i've been so stubborn to think that i was right to let go of those people i am thinking of now, and angry at the fact that i am even here. right here. right now. it's unfair. 
it makes me feel even better that i know that at any given moment, my bowels and bladder will empty themselves of whatever's stored in them. 
how attractive.

Jonathan's made me revive my neglected Tumblr account for this story exchange.
I'll be posting both of our writing on this here blog as well (because I heart Blogspot).
We're also taking turns coming up with the topics of each "short", if you can call them that.
I'm excited for the exercise my brain's gonna go through for these.
Especially with this next topic he just texted me.

Let's write away now, shall we?

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