Tuesday, May 24, 2011

san francisco.

I just realized that I didn't write about my weekend trip to San Francisco.
We went up by Greyhound on April 29th and stayed there until the following Sunday.
I totally let Lulu own my camera for most of the trip and here are some of my favorite pictures!

the bestfriend and the boyfriend.

showing off our silly tattoos.

Very good eye, Lulu.

vy & jeremy. swag overload.

funny tim.

i'm hella fierce.

the bestfriend and his girlfriend lulu.

our crew.

pretending i'm a teapot with a random kettle i found on the street.

there go my favorite boys again.

i let him pick my boogers for me.

the one man show in front of the mall.

that was my pose of the day.

loanne and james.

oh yeah.

We walked around belligerently drunk on that Saturday.
Good times with great people in my favorite city.

And our first trip away from LA was a total success. <3

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