Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"Right back at 'em with another OX anthem."

Exercise Three: Write about a character's unrequited attraction/love.


i'm getting ready
you're already done
i got you a moon
you wanted a sun 
i'm getting dry
you jump into a pool
i'll cook you good food
you say you're already full 
i'll get us a car
but you'd prefer to walk
i'll bring you keys
but you won't open your lock 
i'm writing our song
but i can't find you or the tune
i can see myself getting tired
i worry i'll feel it soon

POETRY. Damn you Navales, that's kind of my weakness. Maybe I'll give it a shot.


Her heart sank as it paced faster with anxiety and despair and her whole body trembled. Who knew, who would have guessed, that a single picture could lead her to feel so fragile, so forlorn, so close to the brink of tears? 
There it was, that stuffed animal she hoped would be hers, but instead it was another’s, held by arms that were not her own, and would fill in the empty space of the bed where he would be. In someone else’s bed. A bed that was not hers to lie in. And that stuffed animal would never be brought close to her. She would never hug it to sleep, never cry to it, never laugh with it, and it would never carry the essence of him. Never comfort her in his absence. 
From the start, it was not hers to keep. Yet why did hope resonate so strongly in her heart? 
She remembers the day he bought that stuffed animal very well. They were both hanging out, looking for nothing in particular, being silly in the store. It was one of the things they did best, a common trait they shared, one of the reasons why they got along so well as friends. 
Friends. Right now, that was such a heartbreaking word. 
She had eyed that stuffed animal, that perfect elephant, from a distance. Even then she had the urge to touch it, to hold it, but when she noticed him heading the same way as her she grabbed the tiger next to it out of nervousness and slight panic. 
His face had brightened as he held the stuffed elephant and she quietly hoped he remembered that the elephant was her favorite animal. Secretly, she wished he would give it to her when he told her it would be cool to use the stuffed elephant as a part of a new photography series he would start. 
But, that was months ago, and now, the very same stuffed elephant was being held by another girl, someone who was not her, and calling it “her baby”. 
Maybe, just maybe, things would have been different if she grabbed the stuffed elephant first. Why did she even go to the tiger? 
Maybe, just maybe, things would have been different if she had the guts to tell him she loved him. But would he have loved her?

I have a bad habit of mixing real life experiences with fiction.
I publicize private memories and feel safe behind the fact no one can tell.
Besides, I'm a writer. I feed on  experiences, mine or another's, and exploit them.

Respectfully, of course.


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