Tuesday, August 30, 2011


6. The person you like and why you like them.
(I know, I've been really bad at keeping up with this, haha)

silly teardrop tattoos done by my friend noah, same night i got my mustache done!

I guess my boyfriend will count as someone I like, although I don't just like the guy. I love him for many reasons, and for no specific reason at all. May sound a little cliche, but I find that statement to be very true. Whenever the question is asked, I can't really give an answer. I just feel giddy and gush about what an amazing person he is and how he makes me feel like I'm walking on clouds. I know, everything I just said normally gets a *barf reaction from me and I hate that it sound so corny but it's true. However, if I really had to list reasons, they would be:

  • He makes me laugh without even really having to try.
  • He takes care of me and looks out for my well-being.
  • He puts me before himself.
  • He cooks for me.
  • He's chivalrous.
  • He offers me the first and last bite of his food.
  • He makes me eat weird food combinations.
  • He feeds me like a mama bird (sometimes, haha).
  • He loves to try new things with me.
  • He's very understanding and supportive of me.
  • He pushes me to strive for things.
  • He gives me courage to go to the deep end of the swimming pool.
  • He's probably as weird as I am. Maybe even weirder.
  • He acts crazy-rambunctious-childlike (just like meeeeeeee).
  • He doesn't really care what other people think.
  • He does things for shock-value.
  • He knows how to hold a conversation.
  • He leaves me funny and cute voicemails.
  • He's the only person that made me want to go "all in". Ever. 

The list would probably go on forever if I had to really sit and focus on all the little details (being the Virgo I am) as to why I feel the way I do for him.

I know it's been a tumultuous one for the first year of our relationship, if you can even count it as being that during that time, and circumstances were not so ideal, but I love him all the same, if not more. He is not perfect (how he was so heartbreakingly beautiful in the beginning, I don't even know how I allowed myself to go through so much for one person) but that's exactly why I love him. He has his faults, things in the past that he's definitely not proud of, but isn't that the same with all of us? And, things have a way of falling into place, and though it cost the both of us some major shit, we're both growing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love him for his shortcomings. I love him for his darker side. I love him for his faults. I love his fears. I love the imperfection that is him. I also love him for his talents. I love him for his brighter side. I love him for his zest for life. I love him for his ideals. I love him for his confidence. I love him for everything that is him, everything that makes him who he is.

I have great faith in him and I see a lot of greatness in him. I hope he knows that I'm his number one supporter. I'll be there when he needs me, I'll be there when he doesn't. I will give him space for individual growth if he needs it. A friend, a confidant, a girlfriend--I'll be whatever he needs me to be.

And this is totally unlike me, haha. I'm even debating on whether or not I want to post this, seeing how this girlish expression is definitely way outside the lines of my comfort zone.

Oh man. Here it goessss.

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