Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's the first of the month, everyone!
I can't believe it's already September--this year's been going by quick. Last night I started a little writing exercise & had people give me topics to write about. I'll be posting them up here soon--I'd start tonight but I'll be over at Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown to catch the music video release party of Balance and the Traveling Sounds, a band I wrote about a short while ago on Light Meets Night. Yes, I'll be covering the event for the site, along with LMN editor Sothan, and we'll both be equipped with cameras to document. I'm excited to meet the band members and even more stoked to see them live. Yes, they're really that good. Impressed me quite a bit with their Daft Punk cover.

And yes, I've been striking up a relationship with my old lover insomnia again. She's been settling in and keeping me up with stories of how things used to be (before my boyfriend came into my life and sang me lullabies and held me to sleep), trying to convince me to get back with her. As you can kind of tell, I haven't been rejecting the idea and kind of went on a couple dates. I especially love insomnia because she's a freak and always wants to engage in a menage-à-trois with me and creativity. Gotta love the freaks.

Anyway, here's Challenge Number Eight:

8. Something you're currently worrying about.

i absolutely love this calendar from

Dude, Derek was right. I do have huge concerns (sans the mother's birthday gift issue) but they're always in the back of my mind. Huh. Interesting. Anyway, let me elaborate on my big-time worries that receive small-time attention.

  • I'm worried about how I'm gonna manage my time with my jobs. I recently applied for a position over at Parker Stanbury LLP (law firm in Downtown Los Angeles my best friend works for) for a customer service position. Monday through Friday, 8:30AM - 12:30PM when I start (training, and if I even get it at all) and then I clock-in 11:00AM - 3PM when I'm staff. That $13 an hour starting pay sounds mad appealing and it would help my situation a lot. But that would mean no more nannying (Olivia, how I've grown to love that baby!) and 4PM - 10PM night classes over at Pasadena City College.... Thankfully though it's near a Metro station.
  • Oh, rent. With LACMA, who gives inadequate hours to fit my financial needs, and an under-the-table pay nanny job that only pays $7 an hour (and I'm only in three hours a day, twice a week), I always have to worry about you.
  • I'm not so worried about school, persay. I guess I kind of addressed my concern with it along with my concern for my job situation. Oh, I'm also kind of worried about FAFSA, if I should just not take the Parker Stanbury job (if it's offered to me) and just budget tightly so that I can survive mostly off of financial aid money. 
  •  I know what I'm gonna get her. Question is, will she like it? Mother is so particular. 
  • Isn't everyone worried about this? I'm more concerned about my debts though. A credit card debt, a hospital bill I still haven't paid (and I went to the ER last December), and a school loan from my less-than-ideal time over at Cal State LA. Sheesh. 
  • To move or not to move? If so, a love nest with the boyfriend or a two-bedroom with the two of us and my French-Vietnamese older brother/roommate Steven? Would he want to come along, anyway? Stay in the heart of Los Angeles or look elsewhere? Pasadena, maybe? Oh, what a considerable amount of considering we have to do.
I'm not so stressed though. I don't worry too hard. My existentialist consciousness won't let me do it.

Anyway, I'll be back to share some pictures from my phone (mostly food porn) that I need to clear out (and what better thing to do than to share them?).

Toooooooodles. Remember, Hannah loves ya.

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