Wednesday, March 7, 2012


night falls over the world like a hushed silence, the air around us still, serene. you pull me in, offering your arm as a pillow and the other wraps around my waist. your rough hand rests on my stomach and with the other you hold my own, our fingers intertwining, finding its way to the spaces in between. your lips lightly brush the curve of my neck and your breath tickles my skin. i feel your strong, steady heartbeat and it's the rhythm that soothes me. the soft sounds of your breathing chases away the day's anxiety and it's become my lullaby.

our bodies are close, we leave no space between us, and we both fit the mold we make on this twin size bed. like a puzzle we fit, but you don't call me your "missing piece". no, we are not incomplete without the other, but rather, we are two halves who make a whole. two different entities, different souls, coming together to build a world that is ours.

this, right here, is my favorite moment before i close my eyes to sleep.

this, right here, is what we both call home.

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